Our Goal is to provide cost effective insurance solutions to small to medium size business owners. Giving the owner a peace of mind and knowing that their business, property and employees are properly covered, allowing owners to focus on their core business and increase profits.

Retirement Planning

Most employees already know the benefits to a 401(k), which gives employees a retirement fund and a fund for emergencies. Small and medium-sized businesses rarely have the time or staff to create and administer such plans, We make sure the work is done for you

412(I) Small Business Owner

  • Think you'll never be able to retire? Not so, thanks to the 412(I) Plan. The IRS has provided for you, if you are a small business owner or professional with few or no employees and are within five to ten years of retirement. We have a plan that will work for you and provide for your retirement.

Safe Harbor Plan

  • A Safe Harbor Plan gives you and your employees a specialized 401(k) with more benefits than a regular 401(k). With a Safe Harbor Plan you can deduct your contributions as a business expense, yet it is funded mostly from dollars paid as salary.
  • IRA's

    • IRAS as well as other retirement planning take expertise and experience. Relax. We've got you covered.

    Deferred Compensation Plan

    • Deferred compensation defers taxes by paying a portion of an employee's income after the income is actually earned. Choose from pensions, retirement plans, and stock options.

    Valuable Papers Coverage

    • Look around at your file cabinets. What would happen in the case of fire or water damage? Could your business continue without your valuable papers? Probably not, without insurance to cover them.

    Electronic Data Coverage

    • What did we ever do without computers? What would you do if you lost all the data on you computers? We ensure that your business continues without a glitch, no matter what happens to your data.

    Life Insurance

    • Should you choose a life insurance plan that accumulates cash value, or a term policy that offers lowered costs? Make an informed decision with advice from an expert.