Our Goal is to provide cost effective insurance solutions to small to medium size business owners. Giving the owner a peace of mind and knowing that their business, property and employees are properly covered, allowing owners to focus on their core business and increase profits.

Individual Health and Dental

You worked for a big corporation and you are used to all of the company benefits! Now your on your own or you cobra is running out and want the same coverage's you had. Don't worry we can get you covered.

Individual Health

  • We will find the right provider for your health insurance that will provide the options and coverage's you need.

Individual Dental

  • We find the right dental plans for you and your employees, so everyone has a nice smile.
  • Individual 401k Plan

    • Thanks to the new tax laws, we now offer a 401(K) plan for the individual who owns his or her own business.

    Disability Overhead Expense

    • What would happen to your business if you became disabled? Disability Overhead Expense pays your business expenses, leases, payroll, insurance, equipment and supplies so your business will continue to run even though your not there.