Our Goal is to provide cost effective insurance solutions to small to medium size business owners. Giving the owner a peace of mind and knowing that their business, property and employees are properly covered, allowing owners to focus on their core business and increase profits.

Group Employee Benefits

Good benefits result in a good and stable staffing. Does your head spin when you think of benefits packages? We put a new spin on things, so you can concentrate on business, while we handle the "tough" stuff that keeps you and your employees happy and secure in the future.

Health Insurance

  • Reduce anxiety and health-care costs, and you increase worker retention and morale. We offer cost-effective health-care policies that keep your employees happy and healthy. The rise in health-care costs makes group health imperative, yet also a challenge to offer employees. We control health-care costs, so your employees stay healthy and happy.
  • We will find the right providers for your health insurance that provides the coverage you and your employees need.

Dental Insurance

  • We have plans that let you go to your current dentist and with little or no deductible. We will find the right dental plan for you and your employees, so everyone has a nice smile.
  • We also explain and prepare you for a Section 125 Plan, which provides tax savings by reducing employee medical premiums from gross salaries pre-tax-that is, prior to calculation of federal income and Social Security taxes-another way to keep you and your employees covered and tax dollars back in your employee's pocket.

Disability Coverage

  • You and your employees can work without fear of the result of an accident or illness, with short-term and long-term disabilities plans.

Cancer Coverage

  • Cancer Coverage grows in popularity as the incidence of cancer increases and our population ages.

Group Life Insurance

  • Group Life Insurance lowers premiums and offers good coverage, for peace of mind.

Business Buyout Insurance

  • What if your company is subjected to a takeover? Business Buyouts could put a chink in your plans. Protect your future with Business Buyout Insurance.

Executive life Insurance

  • Should you choose a life insurance plan that accumulates cash value, or a term policy that offers lowered costs? Should your business pay for it or should the executive? Make an informed decision with advice from an expert.

Key Man Coverage

  • Who is key to your business operation? If you, the manager or the supervisor became disabled or died, what would happen to your business? You need Key Man Coverage to protect your business.