Our Goal is to provide cost effective insurance solutions to small to medium size business owners. Giving the owner a peace of mind and knowing that their business, property and employees are properly covered, allowing owners to focus on their core business and increase profits.

General Liability/Property/Business Auto

General Liability

  • In this litigious society, customers and clients can sue for almost any reason. Most of us are familiar with the lawsuit against McDonald's for having served a customer hot coffee, right? We ensure that your business is safe and protected from most lawsuits, including mishaps in your place of business and product-related events.

Property Insurance

  • Your property remains safe from loss due to break-ins or physical damage when you allow us to give you solutions that cover your property. We analyze your needs and suggest the best solution for each situation.
  • Business Auto

    • Your personal and business vehicles may spend many hours on the road, which makes them vulnerable to theft and accidents. We find solutions that keep them covered, so you can continue business as usual, no matter what happens.

    Business Equipment

    • Your is vital to your business equipment operation. What happens if lightning were to strike your computers, fax machine or manufacturing equipment? What if your equipment is stolen, vandalized or otherwise destroyed? We keep your business ticking.

    Valuable Papers Coverage

    • Look around at your file cabinets. What would happen in the case of fire or water damage? Could your business continue without your valuable papers? Probably not, without insurance to cover them.

    Electronic Data Coverage

    • What did we ever do without computers? What would you do if you lost all the data on you computers? We ensure that your business continues without a glitch, no matter what happens to your data.

    Disability Overhead Expense

    • What would happen to your business if you became disabled? Disability Overhead Expense pays your business expenses, leases, payroll, insurance, equipment and supplies so your business will continue to run even though your not there.

    Loss of Income Coverage

    • What would happen if your business flooded or caught on fire? What if a tree fell on your building, and you had to close for repairs? What would happen to your family and your employees, if you had no income? If you are unable to conduct business, insurance can pay the income you lose as a result of catastrophic or accidental loss.